About Sense Events

When you know an important event is coming, you also know that it has to be perfect. Thus, you start looking for an event organizing company, which is reliable, professional and innovative. Well, we are most happy to tell you that Sense Events, in Toronto, incorporates all three of these characteristics and even more. The team is well aware of the fact that every event is extremely important, so they will be entirely dedicated to setting every up, to make the final result unforgettable. Whether you have to organize a wedding, anniversary or any other particular event, allow us to stand by your side. Don’t let panic and anxiety take control of you, because this is why Sense Events was born. It had as sole purpose materializing your dreams about the perfect wedding, everything without a hustle and with no stress.


The services provided by Sense Events are comprehensive, and the company has all the required resources to make your event unique. Just let us know what you wish and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. The team permanently communicates with each customer, to make sure that everything will turn out perfect and that the wedding, or any other event meets all requirements. We are professional planners and designers but won’t hesitate to collaborate with the most experienced professionals in the industry, to offer you an unforgettable event. Innovative and unique designs, tailored to fit your perfect image for the event, everything set to the latest detail and continuous support until the event is over, this is what Sense Events offers.


Turning A Vision Into Reality

After graduated from a school in Melbourne,Australia, Simin moved to Toronto to start her first job at one of the most significant investment company as an Event Planner. So this position helped her very much, but not only in gaining experience about events, but also to build a good professional relationship with the most appreciated vendors. 

Thus, she was slowly starting paving her way towards wedding planning activities. And the moment came when a customer, who attended Annual Gala, the company Simin was working for, asked her if she could organize their wedding. The answer was “Yes”, and so Simin found out that wedding planning is the things she likes to do most. And today, Simin is proud to say that Sense Events has created numerous splendid weddings and unforgettable events. All of her talents and skills will go towards offering you a perfectly designed and organized wedding.

Simin Cen
Founder & Senior Event Planner